About Us

Habitan Action Plan

“Habitan” is an Architectural Programme specific project which is concerned about design solutions for affordable housing around the world.


Our Mission

  • Develop universal knowledge about the importance of affordable housing by teaching and introducing the gaps.
  • Encourage people to take action against the affordable housing crisis by providing a platform so they can talk about their concerns and solutions.

Our Vision

  • Promote collaboration in local and international experiences exchange. Hence, all people around the world will be aware of affordable projects and they can choose how to help these projects be completed as a volunteer, donator, or a reporter. 
  • Promote citizen's engagement in order to promote quality of life and sustainability.

Our Values

The main value in ‘Habitan” is that everyone deserves a place to call home. To address this human right we chose to be their voice, to tell the world many people are suffering from inadequate living places, especially children. So, we all can do our part to make a huge change and make the world a better place for all.

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What We Do?

We’re On A Mission To Solve
The Problems

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1. Social awareness Be aware

We, at the “Habitan”, are trying to make a change in ways people think about affordable housing, low-cost housing and designing for all. It means people need proper and credible information to be aware of these subjects. On the other hand, people need to have a classified information about all aspects of housing and designing to choose in which they are able to participate and improve the quality of housing and designing.

2. Taking passive action Care

Now that you are aware, you can make comments and suggest solutions. In this case you can:

Telling your ideas and hearing others:

  • Write a proposal in affordable housing, low-cost housing and designing for all. This can be just a few paragraphs you believe in and we will publish it with your name on it.
  • Participate in our gatherings to hear and read others ideas.

Criticize current solutions and suggest your own:

3. Taking active action Dare

There are several ways to take part in active action:

  • Join us and other communities in sharing information.
  • Researching in these fields.
  • Doing volunteer works in different organizations.

4. Make Community

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